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The benefits of our material


100% recycled.


We recycle trays so that new trays are manufactured.

High quality

Food contact applications.

Closed Loop

Maquila recycling service for industrial circuits.

Better practices

Processed with the best practices, EuCertPlast certified.

Local sources

Trabajamos con proveedores y SIG europeos


Trabajamos con nuestros clientes para que logren sus objetivos


The products we work with

One single process, multiple products

Our process

Our patented system for processing monolayer and multilayer PET trays begins with a delamination step that eliminates adhesive capacity. This allows us to separate and remove the layer of polyolefins, so that all types of trays can be recycled in the same material flow.

In this way, we obtain high quality transparent rPET for PET food tray applications, which allows the manufacture of sheets with 100% recycled material.

In addition, we have an extrusion line where the polyethylene recovered in the previous delamination phase is granulated, either from multilayer bases and/or lids or from flexible lids, achieving a second life for this material in injection applications.

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