About Sulayr

SULAYR is the sustainable and profitable solution on the market for tray-to-tray recycling of all types of thermoformed PET packaging.


About us

From our facilities located in the south of Spain and with a constant dedication to R+D, we have made the recycling of monolayer and multilayer PET tray a reality with a unique and versatile process, through a viable and economically scalable technique.

Sulayr Group in summary

Two production plants

one in Valle de Zalabí and the other in Dólar

Equipo brillante

More than 90 professionals.


Capacidad de producción de 40.000 toneladas anuales.


Certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EuCertPlast

Plastic Sense Foundation

Recycler approved by the Plastic Sense Foundation for the ECOSENSE-RETRAY scheme.

Own laboratories

Laboratories and testing center.

European leader

European leader in tray-to-tray recycling.


Exponential growth


Focus on innovation and quality

Tray-to-tray recycling

Our purpose

One of the myths that usually circulates about thermoformed PET packaging is that they are not recycled or that they are only recycled in the industrial circuit. At Sulayr we have been recycling these high-performance packaging, both monolayer and multilayer, for more than a decade. The main difficulty is the lack of a specific channel for the management of this waste, as there is, for example, for PET bottles.

For the construction of this specific channel and the promotion of post-consumer recycling, at Sulayr:

Agreements with PET recyclers

We have agreements with PET bottle recyclers who select the tray and send it to our facilities.

Homologation in Europe

We work with European IMS for approval of tray recyclers.


Our journey


Sulayr is created based on two patented PET/PE delamination processes


Line 1 comes into operation


New facilities in Valle de Zalabí

Line 2 comes into operation


Purchase of new PET bottle recycling production center, NIVAPLAST


Increase in production capacity with Line 3


Four operational production lines

PE pelletizing from delamination


Recycling of post-consumer material

Eucertplast certification


Alliances with post-consumer tray reclaimers


New investments for a 30% increase in production capacity

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