Circularidad y modelo de economía circular

Circularidad y modelo de economía circular

Recycling of thermoformed packaging

We promote a real tray-to-tray recycling
for a real circular economy.



Recycled PET trays this year in Sulayr

Closing the circle of thermoformed PET containers

Our contribution


We collaborate as customers and suppliers to achieve better sheets that are easier to recycle.


We partner with PET bottle recyclers so that trays of domestic origin are selected and arrive at Sulayr.


We modernize and expand our installed industrial capacity year after year.

Secondary raw materials

We offer high quality recycled PET that makes the recycled PET sheet market viable.

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Recyclability analysis

Design to recycle

Nuestra experiencia adquirida en el reciclaje de residuos de PET monocapa y multicapa nos permite ayudar a mejorar la circularidad de los productos de nuestros clientes. Por eso, colaboramos con la Plastic Sense Foundation y otros agentes de la cadena de valor para mejorar todos los componentes de las láminas y los envases de PET y asegurar que, cuando lleguen al final de su vida útil, sean perfectamente reciclables para incorporarse una vez más en el circuito productivo.

Benefits of pet containers

Thermoformed PET containers are very present in everyday life: sliced meat, cheese, refrigerated pizzas, meat and fresh fish are sold in this format. It is a container that plays an essential role in the fight against climate change and food waste, avoiding CO2 emissions in its manufacture and transport and reducing the volume of food waste thanks to its barrier properties. Our purpose is for PET thermoformed products to be distinguished as sustainable, recyclable and recycled packaging, maximizing their circularity and ensuring their upcycling.