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Privacy Policy

This SULAYR GLOBAL SERVICE, S.L. privacy policy provides information on the processing we carry out of the personal data you provide or may provide during browsing and on the data protection policy that shall be applicable to such data so that the users may freely and voluntarily establish whether they wish to provide them to continue browsing.

Domain ownership

The owning body of the Domain/s: http:// (hereinafter THE WEBSITE) is the business entity SULAYR GLOBAL SERVICE, S.L., with registered address in AUTOVÍA A-92 SALIDA 303 CARRETERA HERNÁN VALLE KM 3,5, 18511 Valle del Zalabi (Granada), with Tax ID Code No.: B18907196.

Authorization for processing data

SULAYR GLOBAL SERVICE, S.L. informs you that the data provided and their processing is documented in the Activity Log the company has in place.  

We have adopted every necessary technical and organizational measure to ensure the security and integrity of the personal data we process and to prevent their loss, alteration and/or access by unauthorized third parties. However, you must be aware that security measures on the internet are not unassailable.

Any data requested on our Website marked as mandatory (*) are needed for providing the user with an optimal service. Should not all data be supplied, the Provider does not guarantee that the information and services rendered will be completely adapted to your needs.

When you accept this Privacy Policy, you do so in an express, free, informed and unequivocal way so that your personal data can be processed by SULAYR GLOBAL SERVICE, S.L. for the following purposes:

  1.  Sending of commercial advertising communications via email, text message or any other present or future electronic or physical medium that enables the sending of commercial communications. Such commercial communications shall relate to products or services offered now or in the future by us or by our collaborators. In this case, third parties shall never have access to the personal data.
  2.  Conducting statistical studies. In this case, a data anonymization system shall be used.
  3. Processing orders, requests or any kind of petition made by the user through any of the forms of contact placed at the user’s disposal on the website.

Data retention

Your personal data shall be blocked when they have ceased to be necessary for the purpose for which they were collected and shall remain at the exclusive disposal of Judges and Tribunals, the Public Prosecution Service and the competent Administrations, particularly those pertaining to data protection, in order to attend to any potential liabilities resulting from the processing, during their limitation period. Once the indicated limitation period has elapsed, they shall be destroyed.

Non-transfer of data

SULAYR GLOBAL SERVICE, S.L. informs and expressly guarantees the users that their personal data shall in no case be transferred to third parties. Any exception to this rule shall require prior express informed and unequivocal consent.

Rights held on data protection

The legislation in force on data protection grants the following rights.

  1. Modification of your information: You have the right to rectify your incorrect or incomplete personal information.
  2. Access to the data and portability: You have access at all times to the information you have supplied to us. You may request a copy of this common-use information and require us to send such information to another service provider (insofar as it may be technically possible).
  3. Withdrawal of consent. You may withdraw your consent at any time by sending us a notification in this regard. This withdrawal does not affect the validity of the processing of your data undertaken prior to the withdrawal.
  4. Restriction of the data processing. You are entitled to limit the way in which we make use of your personal information, particularly in those cases in which: i) you dispute the veracity of your personal information; ii) the data processing is illicit and you oppose the deletion of your personal information; iii) we no longer need your personal information for processing but you request the information for initiating, exercising or defending legal actions; or iv) you have opposed processing.
  5. Opposition to the data processing. You are entitled to your data not being processed for specific purposes. In this case we shall cease to process your personal data for such purposes unless we can demonstrate that there are proper and convincing grounds for undertaking such processing or unless said processing is necessary for initiating, exercising or defending legal actions.
  6. Exercising such rights: To exercise such rights, you shall send an express request, together with a copy of your ID or equivalent supporting document, via the mediums listed below. If you do not receive a proper and timely answer from us to the request you have submitted in the exercise of your rights, or if you do not find our answer satisfactory, we inform you that the competent supervisory authority is the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Social media

SULAYR GLOBAL SERVICE, S.L. has a profile on some of the main social networks on the internet (Twitter) The processing we carry out with the data of the Followers shall be the maximum permitted to corporate profiles by the social network. Accordingly, SULAYR GLOBAL SERVICE, S.L. may give information to its followers on its activities and offers through any route permitted by the social network. SULAYR GLOBAL SERVICE, S.L. shall in no case extract data from social media if it has not been previously authorized by the USER.  

Information on traffic data. IP addresses

Traffic data such as name of access provider, IP address, date and time of access, links from which access is made and any other similar or analogous information you may provide while browsing the Website shall, in the event of being collected, be processed in an anonymous way and with the sole purpose of drawing up statistics on visits to our Website.

A method for collecting complementary information on your visits to our website is to record your terminal’s IP address or protocol. This IP protocol is a number that is automatically assigned to your system every time you browse. Any website you access immediately detects the presence of your terminal through its IP address. When you access our website, your IP address is automatically stored. Collecting it has the sole function of drawing up statistics on visits to our website that will give us information on the functioning of our service to allow us to improve it day by day, on point of access, etc.

Duration and modification

SULAYR GLOBAL SERVICE, S.L. reserves the right to totally or partially modify this Privacy Policy, publishing any changes on the Website. It may also make without prior notice any modifications to the Website it deems appropriate and may change, delete or add both the contents and services it provides and the way in which they are presented or localized.

Consequently, the general conditions/Policies published at the time when the User accesses the Website shall be understood to be valid, and so the User should read them regularly. Irrespective of these provisions, SULAYR GLOBAL SERVICE, S.L. may, at any time and without having to give prior notice, terminate, suspend or interrupt access to the website contents without the User being entitled to demand any compensation whatsoever.