Recycling of thermoformed PET packaging

Recycling of thermoformed PET packaging


Welcome to the era of tray-to-tray recycling

What we do

Sustainable and profitable solution

SULAYR es la solución sostenible y rentable del mercado para el reciclaje tray-to-tray de todos los tipos de envases termoformados de PET. Gracias a nuestra tecnología patentada, única en el mundo, somos pioneros en la transformación de residuos industriales de láminas y bandejas de PET postconsumo.


The products we work with

Recyclability analysis

Design to recycle

Our experience gained in recycling monolayer and multilayer PET waste allows us to help improve the circularity of our customers' products. For this reason, we collaborate with the Plastic Sense Foundation and other agents in the value chain to improve all the components of PET sheets and packaging and ensure that, when they reach the end of their useful life, they are perfectly recyclable to be incorporated once more in the productive circuit.

Our process

One single process, multiple products

Our patented system for processing monolayer and multilayer PET trays begins with a delamination step that eliminates adhesive capacity. This allows us to separate and remove the layer of polyolefins, so that all types of trays can be recycled in the same material flow.

Our purpose

Tray-to-tray recycling

More than a decade recycling thermoformed PET packaging

One of the myths that usually circulates about thermoformed PET packaging is that they are not recycled or that they are only recycled in the industrial circuit. At Sulayr we have been recycling these high-performance packaging, both monolayer and multilayer, for more than a decade. The main difficulty is the lack of a specific channel for the management of this waste, as there is, for example, for PET bottles. For the construction of this specific channel and the promotion of post-consumer recycling, at Sulayr:

We have agreements with PET bottle recyclers who select the tray and send it to our facilities.

We work with European IMS for approval of tray recyclers.

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